Welcome to Much Insight, I’m Mary. I have 30 years working in the Healing and Intuitive areas. I am a member of the Australian Holistic Healers Association, the Spiritual Healers Association and a Professional member of the Australian Tarot Guild.

I offer private sessions to assist you through issues relating to different aspects of your life; careers, love, relationships, financial situations or any area that requires clarity via the following modalities—Tarot Reading and  Regression-healing by going within.

We are all products of the conditioning that comes from our parents, teachers, work place etc. By going within we find the unique part that is truly us.

About 30 years ago I had the experience of seeing my first spirit. I was home alone in the daytime and whilst washing the dishes, I saw a form go past the kitchen window. I noticed that this was a female and I recognised her. My Mother told me later that day that her cousin had died that afternoon. I didn’t question  this- but when the same thing happened with a friend’s sister dying I decided to find some answers!!! The start of a whole new world was about to unfold.

I quickly came to realize that once we are on this pathway the help comes to us in amazing ways. I soon met the person who would become my meditation teacher. These classes gave me much insight and many answers, and opened up a whole new world for me.

By stilling the mind and going within we are able to connect to our ‘Real’ self, the part of us that is connected to everything.

This story tells how my world began to grow and change for the better.

By learning to meditate we tap into the other part of ourselves that is free of the monkey mind and the ego. We need to learn to let our higher consciousness come into action and guide us in our life.

Meditation deletes so much worry and anxiety as we learn to trust in the higher power that is there for us. We learn to live in the NOW, to not worry about the future and to let go of the past.

The Now is where our true power resides.

Through Meditation we also learn to tap into the subtle messages that are there to help us and guide us forward with encouragement.

Healing by regression to a past or present life experience. I was fortunate to meet a Maori Healer, who taught me to be truly free from inner restrictions we need to go within. This process allows us to become aware of any experience that holds us back. By re experiencing this situation we can heal the memory that we have been holding onto. This allows us to move forward in life more freely.

We use Tarot card readings for guidance in our lives. The cards let us see if we are on track and where we are are meant to be. Also the potential of what is there for us to experience in life….change of work, moving to a new home, relationships, financial situations etc. Sometimes if we are stuck in an area, the cards will reveal this and show us what we need to heal to allow us to move on less encumbered.

Through the combination of the layout of the cards and psychic impressions I am able to guide you in the right direction and help answer your questions.

Contact me for insights about your relationships, work or any area where you may need guidance.